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We're proud to offer our new line of professional stock mascots!


What is a "professional stock mascot"?


These costumes are constructed in the same manner as our custom costumes. The only difference is we retain the rights to the design so we can produce it for multiple clients. 


We can customize your professional stock costume for an additional fee. Options include:


  • Different color - See a costume you like but need it in green? We can do that!

  • Eyes- We can alter the character's eyes to make him/her happy or fierce.

  • Hands- We can add paw pads, claws, or even make them 5 fingered instead of the standard 4.

  • Feet- You can have animal feet or stock sneakers

  • Clothing- We can create jerseys and other accessory outfits to make your mascot unique.

  • Body style- Your character can be fit,  round (with a belly), two piece, one piece, etc.

  • And more! Just ask

Click on the photos below to learn more about our professional stock TIGER JAGUAR LION EAGLE and WOLF mascot costumes!


Check out this video of our pro stock mascot costume features!
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