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Get the most from your mascot with a professional mascot performer! Mascot for hire!


Make your mascot stand out from the crowd by hiring a energetic, animated, professional mascot performer. Our talented mascot "actors" have years of experience and know how to bring a character to life. 


Most companies use temp agencies or force untrained "brand ambassadors" as mascot performers. The end result is a lackluster performance. Make your mascot more than a "guy in a fuzzy costume." by hiring a professional mascot actor.


We have staffed costumes for the Chicago Red Eye, World Cup, JVC, Cheetos, Nickelodeon, Food Marketing Institute, Scribe America, and more.


The cost for a professional mascot performer varies. Factors include the amount of hours needed, the type of costume, performance expectations, and the location of the event. Hourly rates range from $35-100

We can also clean your costume after the event and ship it to your next event or warehouse. Cleanings cost $75 and we use your FedEx or UPS account to send the mascot back.


To hire a professional mascot performer to fill your costume CONTACT US

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