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The process of designing a character begins with a conversation with the client. We discuss their vision for the character. Is he/she tough or friendly? Does he/she have a belly, or should he/she look more "fit"? Where would they like the performer to see from (eyes, mouth, neck)? What style of hands would they prefer (four fingered/cartoony, five fingered/athletic)? Do they want animal feet or sneakers, and more.


After getting a feeling for what the client is looking for, our designer creates a black and white pencil sketch. Based on feedback from the client, we make revisions to the design until they are satisfied with the overall look. 

Once the overall look of the character has been defined, we then create a basic color proof of the character.  This proof is to solidify the color choices of the character.


We then send fabric samples for the client to approve. Once the color design and fabric samples have been approved, we begin to build your brand new AMAZING!! Mascot


Click here to learn more about the construction process.

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