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AMAZING!! Mascots is a design firm dedicated to producing unique character designs that translate into performer friendly costumes. Our costumes are lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. We want your organization to have an AMAZING!! Mascot that truly brings your brand to life.

What makes a mascot AMAZING?

#1. A great design. Mascot designer Kelly Frank has been making and performing as mascots since 1999. She has a deep knowledge of the history of mascots and the art styles that influence character design. Your design will be unique, memorable, and translate well into costume form. If you have an existing design she can help adapt it to costume proportion and make suggestions of tweaks to improve the design. She considers factors such as vision, ventilation, mobility, and ease of use. Her 20+ years as a mascot performer help her design characters that your fans will love.

#2. A great costume. We oversee the production of your mascot costume and assure that the best materials and production methods are used. Our costumes are designed to be easy to wash, easy to wear, and easy to maintain. We don't sell you on bells and whistles, we sell you what our experience has taught us to be the best options for your costume.

#3 . A great performer. A beautiful, well made mascot costume will just be a costume unless a gifted mascot actor takes on the role. We can help you identify and train performers to help bring your brand to life. We can assist you with teaching your performer the tricks of the trade and most importantly how to limit your liability through unsafe performance. 

#4. A dedicated organization. Without the support of the Business/School/Team, a mascot will not live up to it's full potential. We ask that you let us help you support your "mascot program" that will help your company market, engage the customers, and put a warm fuzzy face out in the community as your brand representative.


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