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The construction process for the head begins by building the foam "skull" of the character. We use lightweight durable closed cell foam for the base of our heads.


We then cover the "skull" with the selected fabric choice.


Features such as beaks, cheeks, noses/snouts, and eyebrows are made of a soft open celled filter foam.

We then begin to cover and attached the features to the base of the head. 


We use antron fleece, often refered to as "Muppet" fleece for beaks and other costume pieces. It can be custom dyed to any color.


Our eyes are made of of thermo (heat) formed plastic. We use a dull/matte material for the pupils and irises.

We then begin to build the body based off the measurements/specifications provided by the client. We use foam, mesh, and plastic hoops to get the character's shape.


All of our bodies are lined with athletic mesh to help the fur last longer. Our shoes have an internal strapping system that allows the performer to secure his/her own sneaker inside the feet.

We use high powered magnets to attach accesory items such as hats and sunglasses.


We send photos of the costume's construction throughout the entire process. We make alterations as needed.


Once you approve the photos, we complete your costume and send your brand new AMAZING!! Mascot out.

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