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Keep your mascot looking (and smelling) great with our professional costume cleaning services!


We deep clean and make minor repairs to your costume at our "Mascot Spa."


A professional cleaning includes:


  • Washing the body - Fur, foam, fleece, we can wash it all

  • Washing hands/feet- We pay extra attention to your high use parts

  • Washing inner padding/pod/belly- We generally hand wash these parts

  • Washing the head- We hand wash your head, spot treat the dirt, and deoderize it.

  • Washing the clothing/accesories- We make sure your mascot's outfits are as clean as he/she is

  • Minor repairs- Loose threads, open seams, etc. we'll fix any small repairs we see. If we feel your costume needs more involved repairs (patching worn out knees, gluing show sole, new zipper, etc.) we will quote you and get approval before making any additional fixes.


The cost for a to clean a mascot costumes depends on the size and style of the mascot costume. Basic cleanings start at $75 and go up to $250.


Proper maintainence helps ensure your costume looks great and have a long life..


To get your mascot costume professionally cleaned CONTACT US today!




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