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We repair and rehab mascot costumes


If your mascot has seen better days, send it to us for repairs. Common repairs include:


  • New helmet-Chinstraps break, metal parts rust, or the helmet just doesn't fit right. We can repair or replace your current internal helmet with one to your liking.

  • New zipper- Zippers break. We'l put in a new one.

  • New hands-Hands wear out the fastest. We can patch them up, or make you a whole new pair.

  • Patching worn out knees- The fur on mascot's knees gets worn out fast. We create a patch of new fur and fix up your suit.

  • Patching mascot shoes- Heels on mascot shoes wear down fast. We add on additional sole materials and help your shoes/feet last longer.


The cost for a mascot repairs varies depending on what needs to be done. Repairs start at $50+


To get your mascot repairs done CONTACT US today!




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