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A properly trained performer is an asset to your organization


Get the most out of your macot program by having your performers professionally trained. Company co-owner and head mascot trainer Kelly Frank is a former professional mascot performer who has worked for MLB, NHL, WNBA, MLS, NCAA Basketball, arena football, minor league baseball, and served as abackup performer for the NBA and NFL. We have had mascot "boot camps" for the Akron Rubberducks, Winston-Salem Dash, University of Florida, and American University. Our training includes:


  • Non verbal communication - Learn how to effectively convey attitude and emotions while in costume.

  • Skit creation- We teach performers how to write an execute on field and video skits.

  • Prop use- Learn how to accentuat your performance through the use of props and accesory outfits.

  • Crowd interaction- Learn about staging, timing, and how/when to use signs/drums to get the crowd going.

  • Costume maintainence- We teach your performer how to properly store and clean your mascot costume.

  • Revenue generation- We help identify ways your performing can bring in money for your organization.

  • Health and fitness- We educated your performer how to stay healthy and safe in suit.

  • Liability- In our lawsuit happy world, we give advice on how to avoid becoming a taregt for legal issues

  • And more!


If you're interested in hosting an on site mascot boot camp CONTACT US


Mascot Boot Camps are $500 for a 4 hours session, plus travel expenses.






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