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How much does a custom mascot costume cost?


The quick answer: A custom mascot costume will range in price from $3,500-$20,000

Why the wide range in price? The cost of a custom mascot costume is determined by several factors:


  • Design: The more detailed the design, the more time it will take to create. More labor hours adds to the cost.

  • Artwork: If you need design artwork of your mascot, there normally is a fee. Additional merchandise ready vector artwork is also an added cost.

  • Materials: There are many materials available to create your custom mascot costume. Custom dyed fur or fleece will impact the final price of the costume.

  • Desired delivery date: Most costumes take 6-10 weeks to produce. If you need your mascot costume sooner expect to pay a rush fee of $500+

  • Quantity ordered: The first costume is called the "prototype." This is the most expensive costume since all of the patterns must be made. Additional costumes drop in price $500+ depending on the amount of mascots ordered.

At AMAZING!! Mascots our costumes range in price from $3,750 (a simple "Domino" mascot) to $12,000 (copyrights to the character) WITH MOST COSTUMES AVERAGING $5,500-$8,500


Some manufacturers will advertise prices lower than $3,500. These costumes are either:

  • Poor quality (made using outdated/unsafe methods such as fiberglass or paper machie)

  • Pre existing designs (what we call "stock" characters)

  • Made outside the USA/Canada (poor quality)

We suggest getting at least 3 bids from custom mascot manufacturers. If you receive a bid from a Canadian company make sure they add shipping costs and duties to the estimate. These can add on hundreds to your order and are often not included in the initial bid. 

If you have any questions please call us at 727-275-0225 or use our online CONTACT FORM


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