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All mascots (and companies) are not created equal!


There are countless mascot costume producers in North America and overseas. Making mascot costumes is an art form, not a science, and there are many production methods (many of which are bad!)


AMAZING!! Mascots was created by a professional sports mascot performer who encountered numerous issues while performing in other company's creations. The most common problems were:


  • Poor vision 

  • Poor ventilation

  • Large, heavy heads

  • Hot, heavy bodies

  • Lack of mobility

  • Attached hands

  • Cumbersome feet

  • Too many parts/difficult to put on

  • Boring/Generic designs


To solve these problems company founder Kelly Frank personally designs every mascot costume we produce. She knows what will/will not translate in costume form and creates the designs to allow for the most vision, ventilation, and mobility possible. As a mascot fan and a knowledgable student of the "Art of Mascots" she creates truly unique characters that stand out from the crowd.


Our heads are made of lightweight closed cell foam. The internal helmet is a durable street hockey helmet with a chinstrap that is easy to adjust and replace. The majority of our heads weigh only 2-4 pounds while some of our competitors clock in at 10 pounds or more! 


We construct our bodies to be as light and breathable as possible. They are lined with lightweight athletic mesh to help them last longer.


Our feet/shoes have an internal strapping system so your performer can insert his/her own shoe for maximum mobility. Our hands are detachable via snaps and vecro so they are easy to wash and replace.


Why have and ordinary mascot when you can have an AMAZING!! one?


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