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Show your stripes with our PRO STOCK TIGER mascot!


This high quality tiger mascot costume is produced just like our custom mascot costumes. It's features include:

  • A costume body that is lined with lightweight athletic mesh to help the costume last longer.

  • A built in street hockey helmet with chinstrap inside the mascot head

  • A removable neck piece for easy washing

  • Hands that attach with velcro and snaps making them easy to wash and replace

  • Feet with a built in strap system so the performer can secure his/her own shoes

  • Feet covers that attach with velcro making them easy to wash


You also have the option to customize this costume for an additional fee. Options include:

  • Five fingered athletic style gloves $300

  • Mascot sneakers (instead of feet) $300

  • Different color (fee depends on fur chosen)

  • Changing the expression happy/fierce (no charge)

  • Custom jersey with lettering/logos $50-$300


The base price for this high quality professional stock tiger costume is $3,750


To order your pro stock tiger mascot CONTACT US 

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Check out this video of our pro stock tiger mascot in action!
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