We want you to have one of the best dressed mascots out there!


We can make any outfit for your mascot in any size. Some of our more popular outfits are:


  • Uncle Sam - Perfect for July 4th and Memorial Day

  • Tuxedo- Great for weddings, prom dates and black tie affairs

  • Rock star- Elvis, Prince, ABBA, Madonna, you name it, we'll make it!

  • Hawaiian shirt- Good for beach themed events and lazy Sundays

  • Rain gear- Make your rain delays more entertaining and stay dry! (kind of)

  • Santa Suit- Make your mascot jolly with his/her own holiday attire

  • Anything you want!


The cost for a mascot accessory outfit varies depending on the details, materials, and the size of your mascot. Costumes range in price from $250-$2,000


For a more cost effective option we can sometimes tailor an existing stock costume to fit your character.


To get your acceory outfit CONTACT US to discuss your project!